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For orders please email zomile@hotmail.com or private message the facebook store page www.facebook.com/ringsplintsbyzomile. Due to the  splints being bespoke/custom made, ordering must be completed by emailing or personal messaging your order enquiry. Please take a photo of the tape measure around the joint and attach to your message.





To Measure - please use either a tape measure,  or string/paper with a ruler. 

Please measure around the finger or thumb (circumferance). I need three measurments. One above the  

effected knuckle, one around the effected knuckle and one below the effected knuckle.

Tip joint - as shown on picture- One measurment in mm just below the nail bed , one measurment just below the tip knuckle. One around the knuckle.

Middle  joint - as shown on picture- One measurment above the Middle knuckle, One measurment below the middle knuckle. One measurment around the knuckle.

Thumb - One measurment below the joint, one above the joint, One around the knuckle joint. * Thumb splints do help to stabilise the base joint in addition to the knuckle.


Please be mindful that tape measures vary in where the numbers are placed on the tape measure( see below)

some marked numbers appear at the half way 5mm mark and some numbers correctly appear at the full  

10mm, 20mm , 30mm mark, this can make a huge difference to the sizing of your ring.






It is vital that to get the right ring fit you measure correctly. Zomile will not be held responsible for incorrect

 sizing of rings. Please ask for assistance.


* Due to the delicate nature of gem stone rings, it is advised that these rings should not be submerged in  

water and should not be worn for more robust activities.




Ring sizes 2-7               first class recorded L letter £3.45

Ring sizes 8-11             first class recorded S parcel £5.45

8 rings ++

& Thumb Splints       Special delivery £8.95


















































































Personal orders are processed through Paypal

 Any exchanges due to incorrect sizing will be invoiced for size difference and may incur exchange postage costs.

NHS & Access to work orders accepeted- processed through bank transfer- please email for details.

DUNS accredited.

*Due to Gold and Gold plate rings being made to order it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure  

correct sizing.

Gold and Gold plate ring prices on request.



**Content on this site is not intended to substitute for advice given by a medical practitioner, pharmacist, or other licensed health-care professional. Always seek medical advice before purchasing splints and braces



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For reviews visit www.facebook.com/ringsplintsbyzomile.


Email zomile@hotmail.com to order or Via the FB page.

During busy holiday periods and EDS awareness month- orders may take longer to process.

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emeaure1 measure2 Screenshot (3) FINGER MEASURMENTS



All Plain Single Silver Splints ****Gem Stone Set Rings 1 stone £10 2 stones £20 ***Textured rings +£6

sizes are a guide only. All rings are custom made to the customers specific size requirements.


Size Code            Size in Millimetres around joint                Silver                         Vermeil Gold Plate

S1/1.5                   36 - 41mm                                                           £23                             £36

S2/2.5                   41.5 - 42.5mm                                                    £24                             £37

S3/3.5                   43 - 45mm                                                           £25                             £38

S4/4.5                   45.1 - 48.9mm                                                    £27                             £40

S5/5.5                   49 - 52.5mm                                                        £28                            £43

S6/6.5                   52.6 - 57mm                                                        £29                            £45

S7/7.5                   57.1 - 58.6mm                                                     £30                            £47

S8/8.5                   58.7 - 61.4mm                                                     £32                            £48

S9/9.5                   61.5 - 63mm                                                         £33                           £49

S10/10.5               63.1 - 68mm                                                        £35                            £50

S11/11.5               68.1 - 70mm                                                        £37                            £52

S12/12.5               71 - 73mm                                                           £41                            £56

S13/13.5               73.1 - 76mm                                                        £42                            £58    



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